Empower London Foundation Chooses Mayor’s Fund for London to Receive Share of £10 Million

Empower London Foundation Chooses Mayor’s Fund for London to Receive Share of £10 Million

As Empower London Foundation continues preparations for The London Festival—a two-week cultural, arts and entertainment extravaganza scheduled for summer 2023—the charity has announced partnerships with four additional UK-based charities, including the Mayor’s Fund for London, to receive funds totalling around £10 million per year.


The London Festival will raise vital funds to be distributed among Empower London Foundation’s chosen charities. Those monies will fund educational programmes, support schemes and community programmes that help Londoners from across the capital, regardless of ability or background.

This round of partnerships has highlighted a series of key charities, including:

  • Mayor’s Fund for London — an independent charity championing opportunities for young Londoners who come from low-income backgrounds
  • UK Reads — supports disadvantaged children, young people and their families with access to vital literacy support and resources so they can thrive at school and in life
  • Angel Shed Theatre — a space for children of all abilities and backgrounds to access the transformative power of performing arts
  • The Access Project — whose mission is to support disadvantaged students through tuition and mentoring so they’re able to secure places at top universities

The Mayor’s Fund for London is a pan-London charity that focusses on three key impact areas of wellbeing, skills, and employment and enterprise to enhance the lives of young people from low-income backgrounds and disadvantaged communities. Since the charity was formed in 2008, it is estimated to have raised funds and delivered roughly £30m worth of support in the form of food, wellbeing, skills and employment programmes for 250,000 children and young people across all 33 London boroughs.


Kirsty McHugh, Chief Executive, Mayor’s Fund for London, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Empower London for The London Festival. London is a great city. However, many of our young Londoners are still shut out of the opportunities on offer. Through collaborations like these, we aim to make sure that all young Londoners, regardless of background, are able to thrive. Our partnership with Empower London will help us provide healthy food and holiday activities, fun skills support, plus access to great long-term careers


Similarly, Angel Shed Theatre is focussed on enriching the lives of young people through the power of the performing arts. Helping children across Islington and beyond, the theatre caters for all children, and they actively reach out to those who are most likely to feel excluded in other social settings. Through regular workshops, Angel Shed Theatre brings an inclusive, creative space to those who face the biggest barriers to artistic participation.


Dawn Davis, Executive Director from Angel Shed Theatre, says “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with Empower London and through the London Festival to share the amazing work that our children and young people create”


With all of the funds raised coming from The London Festival, these partnerships cement an ongoing relationship between the charities and Empower London Foundation, with the Foundation promising long term action to ensure continuity in funding. The London Festival—which will showcase live musical performances, city-wide cultural events, and entertainment for the whole family—aim to raise £150M for charitable causes over the next 10 years.


Nathan Sansom, Chief Executive of The Access Project, said: “It is great to have been selected by Empower London as one of London’s ‘brightest’ charities. Disadvantaged students in London have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – and need our support now more than ever. We know our programme makes an enormous impact – this year over two-thirds of our students secured places at top universities. With future funding we can ensure even more students in London access our support and realise their full potential.”


Marina Barros, an Empower London Trustee said, “Getting to work with these charities is something that we’re very proud to announce at Empower London Foundation. The work that these charities are doing is nothing short of inspiring and we can’t wait to help provide funds that will allow them to continue their life-changing work in the communities that need it most across London.


To find out more about the Empower London Foundation and the London Festival, visit: https://empower-london.org and https://thelondonfestival.com


Empower London Foundation is committed to raising funds to better the lives of disadvantaged communities and underappreciated individuals in the capital by partnering with reputable charities and public sector organisations.


By raising funds via an annual two-week long event known as The London Festival, the charity seeks to provide funds to many charities operating in the capital in order for them to provide educational programmes, funding for community entrepreneurs and to help fund public awareness campaigns on important topics that affect communities in the London area.

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