UK Reads

In response to the startling illiteracy and book ownership statistics in the UK. Where 380,000 children do not own a single book and 1 in 5 struggle to read and write*. UK Reads provides free books, literacy resources and a range of projects to inspire, encourage and empower young people living in poverty, to develop a love of literacy and fulfil their true potential. Working closely with schools, children’s charities, families and children in London, UK Reads provides personalised literacy resources and projects that support individual needs.
For young people living in poverty, with a lack of opportunities, literacy proves to be a route away from hardship to stability and future success.

UK Reads:UK Reads is delighted to partner with Empower London and The London Festival which will enable us to provide important literacy support to children and young people living in London’s most deprived communities.
We believe that every child, no matter their circumstances deserves access to fun and free literacy support and resources so they can experience the joy found in books at home, develop the skills and confidence to make their own choices and have the same opportunities as their more affluent peers. This partnership will enable us to reach the children who are most in need of literacy support across the City. Empower London believe a better world is possible and so do we.

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