Hatch Enterprise

Hatch supports underrepresented entrepreneurs from across the UK to imagine, launch and grow businesses that are sustainable, successful and have a positive and lasting impact on their communities. We’re committed to building a fairer society by helping develop entrepreneurs’ skills, knowledge and confidence through our unique programmes designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We’re not typical of the third sector. Although we’re a charity, we think and act like a business. Since 2014, we’ve supported more than 5,000 UK entrepreneurs to flourish, building a vibrant network of partners, funders and investors who share our vision in the process.

Dirk Bischof, Chief Executive of Hatch Enterprise:We’re very excited about partnering with the Empower London Foundation and The London Festival to celebrate every facet of capital life. Hatch was born in South London, but we have quickly scaled to deliver to founders across the whole of London, as we saw the huge potential in supporting underrepresented founders bring new products and services to markets and their local communities. The partnership with Empower will allow us to continue to invest in these founders and support them along the journey to build sustainable and impactful businesses in the coming years.

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